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Living In Sync With Your Inner Seasons

Living in sync with your inner seasons
Photo by Chris Lawton

Many of us have been growing up thinking that our period is a monthly burden, ovulation only matters to get pregnant, and PMS is a normal. But no one ever told us that we also experience energetic shifts during our Moon Cycle.

Each menstrual phase has its own unique energy, which can be divided into each Season. We call them the ‘Inner Seasons’.

You might have already noticed that you feel most energetic around ovulation and less during menstruation*. This of course has to do with hormonal shifts, but what if I told you that you can use these shifts to your advantage?

All it takes for you is to start charting your menstrual cycle and schedule your month around each phase. Tracking your cycle not only reveals when you are menstruating, but also when you are ovulating, the best time to schedule big projects or your adventures.

Doesn't this sounds amazing? Let’s take a closer look how each season correlates to the menstrual cycle.


The Winter represents your moon time, the menstrual phase. Everything beings and ends with Menstruation. During this time hormones dip and so does your energy. Just like the actual season, a woman’s inner winter calls for warm, nourishing foods, time to rest and taking things slow, and to be extra gentle with yourself

You would do well by switching to “airplane" mode to create more time to connect with your womb space. For us women, our womb space is the seat of our intuition. Ancestral knowledge, deep wisdom and the divine feminine all of them reside in this sacred space and will be loudest during your Inner Winter.


Task: The Winter is a call to retreat and most of us probably yearn for a total permission to stop, slow down and simply be. Afternoon naps, journaling, coloring, meditating and relaxing on the couch are allowed!

I always recommend to take out your moon journal to reflect on how you felt and what you’ve experienced in the past month. Many of the challenges that show up throughout your menstrual cycle can be eased and remedied by visiting the calm and sacred space of your Inner Winter.

Another way is through a womb meditation:

  • Lie down with your knees bent and the soles of your feet together.

  • Take three deep breaths, dropping further down into your womb space with each exhalation. Ask your womb what she has to tell you: “What do I need to know?”

  • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth, paying attention to any sounds that come out.

  • Continue this for several minutes and write down anything that comes up.

The Winter is also a great time to think about new intentions and ideas for the upcoming month, plant some seeds and set intentions.


Springs marks the last day of your bleeding leading up to ovulation. Follicular Stimulating Hormone (FSH) rises and stimulates your ovaries to grow follicles, only one of which will become dominant and eventually release an egg. As the dominant follicle continues to grow, estrogen levels continue to climb, along with your feelings of well-being.

You’ve been hibernating and recharging during the winter season and now is the time to get out of you den, start afresh and expand your energy. The Spring asks you to keep open and tickle your curiosity. The expanding energy will help you to experiment and play without getting swept away.

Allow yourself to really feel the rising of your new cycle.

Task: There’s a rise in motivation and inspiration to nourish the ideas and visions you have received at menstruation. You’ve got the chance to try, test out, feel and play with who you are and what you’re doing.


You’re on fire, baby! It’s ovulation time!

Thanks to estrogen rising and letting you extra glow, from the inside out and down below. Things are getting extra juicy and most women feel super attractive and empowered during ovulation. What others think doesn’t matter, only what you desire! The whole world is at your feet and you can feel a natural confidence and comfort just being in your skin.

Task: Let the world know who you are and what you have to offer. Use this drive to accelerate your projects and get results, especially if it’s work you love! Your critical and judgmental mind is taking a rest and allow you to fully express yourself. Use this opportunity to get creative and have fun.


With progesterone on the scene after the dominant follicle ruptures and the corpus luteum is formed, the energy during this phase should be calm, grounded, and focused. The Luteal phase correspondences with the Fall. You are on your way down from the climax and your little critical voice might come back out, making your more sensitive to details and your own flaws.

Unfortunately, this season gets a bad rap. Energies are shifting and can sometimes be confused. You are still riding the badass-warrior- queen wave and the same time the call to come back to yourself is getting stronger. The awakened forces are demanding your attention and can be harnessed in a creative and healthy way. Here it is important to pay even more attention to what comes up and why. Use your curiosity instead of reacting to every thought and feeling that floods you during the hormonal shift.

This is an opportunity to shine light on what’s really important to you and where you’ve fallen short. You really get to know yourself, your boundaries and edges, just don’t shy away to face yourself.

You know winter is coming and how about preparing yourself for the snooze button and a cozy environment.

Task: Plan ahead, get groceries and look up some movies or pull up some books so you feel well cared for during your period.


Hopefully you now understand how useful and liberating it can be to schedule your daily/monthly activities around your Inner Seasons.

Remember that it is okay to take time to yourself to truly connect with your Inner Wisdom and build the confidence for your everyday life. If you are a busy mom, you can try to schedule a meditation or downtime during nap-time or at night.

If you are someone who has a full schedule all the time, perhaps you can find ways to avoid adding personal appointments or dinners with friends during your period.

There are great apps you can use to track your cycle:

Flo Period tracker, Ovulation & Pregnancy tracker



PS: I'd love to hear your thoughts, challenges and successes in the comment section. 

To a better period,

Xx Mareike

* most hormonal contraceptives prevent ovulation!

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