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How to achieve work-life balance

How can I create more balance between work and life?

This question has been swirling and shaking me up these days. As an entrepreneur we wear many hats – work, marketing, sales, accounting... and things can get really messy, overwhelming and detrimental to our health if we do not create balance.

How to achieve work-life balance
How to achieve work-life balance

Years of studies has helped me gain the knowledge and understanding that the body, as a whole, is a living organism, constantly trying to create balance. All systems within the body are interconnected and the body tries to compromise for each situation, but that can only last for so long if we do not support all fundamental functions.

Total exhaustion, tiredness, loss of libido, loss of motivation and inspiration, IBS, Candida overgrowth you name it.

But what can we do?

Start taking action and responsibility for your own health! Look at all the avenues and assess the situation (family, work, personal – wheel of life). What are your needs? Where do you feel a big gab or lack?

My tips to achieving work-life balance

  1. Saying NO to the things that do not have priority, demand too much, or just don’t fit in your schedule

  2. Eat whole, organic, fresh foods and CLEAN water (dirty dozen list, water filtering system)

  3. Support adrenal function with adaptogenic herbs (i.e. ashwagandha, rhodiola)

  4. Ask for support from your partner, friends, colleagues, advisers, or mentors to share the load

  5. Movement, big times! Implement regular workouts, walks, runs.

  6. Set boundaries (time, phone! Social media)

  7. Create a schedule and have a daily/weekly planner and make sure to schedule time for yourself

  8. Sit in silence or meditate

  9. Get outside! Spending time outside can significantly improve mind, body and spirit – trust me! Have you ever hugged a tree? Try it!

  10. Deep belly breaths. We tend to have short, thoracic breaths, which stimulates the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight). In order to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System (Rest and Digest) we need to move our diaphragm via deep belly breaths.

  11. Laugh more often! Smiling can trick your brain into happiness :)

How to achieve work-life balance
How to achieve work-life balance

Look at life with a big smile in your face, a daily planner in your hands and a big heart in your chest.

"In the waves of change we find our true direction"

Xx Mareike

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