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Menopausal Health

Start to Feel Like Yourself Again

Reduce and overcome common symptoms of menopause.


Menopause is a time of tremendous physical, emotional, and social change for a woman.  It can be a major life milestone for some – a time of psycho-emotional reckoning, evaluation, introspection, and integration, as well as a time of starting a new phase.  Addressing the many nuances of change and the enormous opportunity for preventative care will support a new life chapter.

Say goodbye to...
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Hot Flashes

Manage hot flashes with diet, exercise, and comfort measures.

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Slowed Metabolism

Improve a sluggish metabolism by supporting healthy thyroid function.

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Sleep Problems

Sleep through the night and improve your mood and memory at the same time.

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Support healthy hormonal fluctuation and regulate body temperatures.

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Weight Gain

Feel confident, beautiful, and sexy in your own skin.

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Energy Problems

Increase your energy by eating energy producing foods and enjoying physical activities.


Monthly Menopause Support

Ready to start feeling like yourself again? Together, we’ll create a nutrition plan that addresses nutritional deficiencies, discuss lifestyle interventions, and learn how to reduce and overcome symptoms of menopause.

What's included:​​

  • 1 x initial consultation

  • 1 x easy-to-follow protocol, including supplements, food guidelines, and a lifestyle and mindset action plan

  • 2 x bi-weekly follow-ups, to learn about your menstrual cycle, journaling, and charting

  • 7-day meal plan after each appointment

  • Guidance and inspirations

  • Email support

Woman in White Dress
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