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Yoga at Home

Optimize Your Health

Feel Like Your Best Self

Embark on a journey that keeps your health goals well within reach.


Are you experiencing digestive issues or low energy levels? If there’s something stopping you from living your best life, let’s create a health and wellness plan to address it and get you back on track to reach your goals.

Say goodbye to...
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Digestive Problems

Improve your digestive health and help symptoms of bacterial overgrowth, constipation, bloating, and diarrhea.

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Weight Fluctuation

Improve your relationship with food by eating the types of food that are best suited for you and your body.

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Boost your energy levels by nourishing your body with energy-boosting foods and nutrients.

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Get to the root cause of food allergies or sensitivities and eliminate unwanted bloating.

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Detoxify your body of environmental toxins, hormones, pesticides, and heavy metals.

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Support your body through everyday stresses through lifestyle, nutrition, and mental interventions.


Health Reset Package

Let’s embark on a wellness journey together. After an initial consultation to discuss your health and wellness goals, I’ll support you in finding new nourishing choices to reach your ultimate wellness vision.

What's included: 
  •    1 x initial consultation

  •    1 x easy-to-follow protocol, including supplements, food guidelines, and a lifestyle and mindset action plan     

  •    2 x bi-weekly follow-ups

  •    7-day meal plan after each appointment

  •    Guidance and inspirations

  •    Email support

Yoga at Home
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