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Fertility & Preconception Care

Take Control of your Fertility

Improve pregnancy outcomes with proper nourishment and lifestyle changes.


Did you know 16% of Canadian couples experience infertility? Not only can proper nourishment and lifestyle changes play an important role in boosting you and your partner’s fertility and reducing the risk of pregnancy complications, starting these healthier habits early can lead to better health outcomes for the entire family.

Say goodbye to...
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Trouble Conceiving

Boost your fertility through diet and lifestyle changes that address nutritional deficiencies.

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Prevent recurrent miscarriages by implementing a nutritional protocol.

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Reverse PCOS and enhance your chance to get pregnant

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Side Effects from the Pill

Support your body in the process of detoxification and replenish nutrient deficiencies

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Irregular Cycles

Regulate your cycle with wholesome food and lifestyle interventions


Monthly Fertility Support

Is it time to take control of your fertility? Together, we’ll create a nutrition plan that addresses nutritional deficiencies, discuss lifestyle interventions, and learn how to reduce stress.

What's included:​​

  • 1 x initial consultation

  • 1 x easy-to-follow protocol, including supplements, food guidelines, and a lifestyle and mindset action plan

  • 2 x bi-weekly follow-ups, to learn about your menstrual cycle, journaling, and charting

  • 7-day meal plan after each appointment

  • Guidance and inspirations

  • Email support

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