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January Detox Challenge

Refresh, Recalibrate and Detox

Start the new year with my new 30-day detox challenge.

After a couple months of overindulging in delicious holiday meals, it’s time to hide away the baked goods, sugary sweets, and wine, and give our eating habits a much needed overhaul. 


New this January, I’m offering a special 30-day Detox Challenge to help get you back on track towards your healthy eating habits and 2022 health goals. This challenge is offered as a virtual group coaching program and includes two weekly meal plan options (meat and vegetarian), easy-to-follow recipes, intention setting practices, and more!


The challenge starts January 9th, 2022. Are you in? Spots are limited so register early!

Four Weekly Modules

This program is carefully designed to help get you on track towards your 2022 health goals with weekly tips, motivation, and meal plans.

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Week 1: Blood Sugar Regulation

Large meals, excess sugar and alcohol can disrupt blood sugar and insulin resistance. My four week program starts with small dietary and lifestyle changes to help regulate blood sugar.

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Week 3: Detox

Moving into Week 3, reset your system with a 7-day detox and cleanse to eliminate toxins from your body and start feeling clean and refreshed for the new year.

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Week 2: Gut Health

Maintaining the right balance of microorganisms in your gut is vital to your digestion, immunity, mental health, and more. We continue with more practices to help support your gut health.

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Week 4: Mindfulness

Practicing mindful eating is key to fostering a greater awareness of your body’s true hunger and satiety. Next we introduce simple tricks to pick up healthier eating habits.

Looking for a more individualized approach? Check out my one-on-one programs.
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