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Hi, I'm Mareike.


When was the last time you experienced discomfort, and was told it was perfectly “normal”?


As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Mindful Eating Practitioner, I truly believe hormonal pain and discomfort is NOT normal, and that by learning how to deeply listen to your body’s needs, we can enter a never-ending state of health and wellbeing. 


After struggling with my own health problems and working with a long list of practitioners, I quickly learned that making changes is not easy. But by taking an integrative approach to regain control of my health, I was able to make long-lasting changes to break out of my cycle.


Specialising in reproductive health, fertility, and menopausal health, let’s work together to find a practical, simple, and digestible solution that works for you.


What is Holistic Nutrition?

Nutrition is the essence of all health and wellness. But when it comes to our individual bodies and health concerns, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach.


Based on years of education, experience, and evidence-based techniques, my approach to holistic nutrition evaluates your complete health history, emotional state, lifestyle habits, and current dietary habits to determine the root cause of your health issues, and get you started on a journey towards your health goals.


I see your body as an intelligent design that is patiently waiting to teach you. And by gently listening to your body’s needs, we can optimize our health and enter a state of never-ending health and wellness.


My Programs

Hormone Health | Holistic Nutritionist
Hormone Health

Regain control of your body and learn how to deeply listen to your body’s needs to keep your hormones balanced.

Menopausal Health | Holistic Nutritionist
Menopausal Health

Feel like yourself again by learning how to overcome and reduce common symptoms of menopause.

Preconception Care & Fertility Support | Holistic Nutritionist
Preconception Care

Learn how to improve pregnancy outcomes with proper nourishment and lifestyle changes.

Optimize Your Health | Holistic Nutritionist
Optimize Your Health

Embark on a wellness journey and optimize your health through nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress.

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What People Say

"I can’t say enough about this wonderful woman! She is a wealth of knowledge. She treated me as though I was her only client! Everything was super personalized and tailored to my health concerns. I’ve put into practice some of her health suggestions and they have helped me immensely. I just wish I lived closer to get some of her meals!"

– Jessica D.

Contact Me

Mareike Buthmann,

RHN, ROHP, RCNP, Metabolic Balance Coach

Tel: 778-320-5848

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